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  • Posted August 3, 2020 - Pilot and Director of Safety Management Systems

    • Job Title - Pilot and Director of Safety Management Systems

      • Reports to Director of Operations/President

    • Areas of Responsibility - The employee shall assume the roll of Pilot and Director of Safety Management Systems. In addition to pilot/charter any scheduled flights, the employee shall verify existing Safety Management Systems as well as implicate additional procedures for the safety of the aircraft as well as for accident prevention.

    • Position Description

      •  Ensure Fenix Air Charter’s flight operations comply with applicable FAR’s, other federal and state requirements, company policies and procedures.

      • § Assist with all FAA inspections.

      • § Participate in audits and conformity inspections conducted by regulatory authorities, customers and third-party safety organizations.

      • § Assist with compliance of safety policies, and applicable Federal Aviation Regulations.
        § Assure all company safety policies and procedures are strictly adhered to.

      • § Other assigned duties as determined by the President.

      • § Employment is “At will” employment

    • Requirements/Qualifications

      • Must have one (2) years of extensive experience in developing and managing a Safety Management System, (“SMS”), for a Part 121 or Part 135 Air Carrier;

      • Must have experience in working with Federal Aviation Administration, (“FAA”) inspections and auditing of the SMS;

      • Must have experience in managing other pilots and mechanics;

      • Must have experience in the development and revisions of SMS and procedures manuals for pilots and mechanics;

      • Must have a valid Airplane Transport License;

      • Must have the following flight hours:

        • 3,000 hours total time;

        • 1,000 hours of Multi Engine time; and

        • 500 hours of Turbine powered time.


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