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  • Posted February 4, 2021 - Mechanic.

    • Job Title - Mechanic

    • Reports to Director of Maintenance

    • Areas of responsibility:

      • Maintain aircraft in proper airworthiness standards.

      • Ensure Fenix Air Charter’s flight operations are in compliance with applicable FAR’s, other federal and state requirements, and company policies and procedures.

      • Ensures that all inspections, repairs, and component changes are accomplished in accordance with manufacturer’s maintenance manuals and/or FAA approved procedures.

      • Assure the tracking of time, life, and scheduled maintenance items on all aircraft.

      • Ensure that all necessary documents pertaining to the release of an aircraft have been properly completed prior to flight.

      • Ensures compliance with safety policies, maintenance procedures, airworthiness directives, service bulletins, and applicable Federal Aviation Regulations.

      • Maintains all necessary work records, logbooks, the maintenance tracking program, and the aircraft permanent maintenance records are updated as applicable before returning an aircraft to service.

      • Assure all company safety policies and procedures are strictly adhered to. Other assigned duties as determined by the President of the Company.



    • Possess a current FAA A & P License.

    • Full understanding of aviation safety standards, safe operating practices, and knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations.

    •  Full understanding of the Company’s Operations Specifications.

    • Proven ability to set priorities, communicate objectives, and meet deadlines.

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