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Flying with Fenix Air Charter creates a more personal and private travel experience. Avoid waiting in long lines. Choose your own departure and arrival times for what best suits your own personal schedule. Our team can handle ground transportation at your destination if you desire.


Needing to ship cargo? We ensure that your point-to-point delivery is met expeditiously as soon as you are ready to ship.



Fenix Air Charter is a family owned aviation company focused on serving individuals and companies who prefer the luxury and comfort of flying with a private air charter. We provide air charter on our own fleet of aircraft and we manage the aviation assets for our owners. We create peace-of-mind solutions for your private aircraft charter and cargo needs.

A simple phone call or email to the Fenix team can connect you with an associate to plan your flight arrangements.



24/7 Phone: (864) 397-5082

Passenger Ops:

Cargo Ops:

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